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Swim School Staff

We realize the quality of our programs depends on the quality of our instructors. For this reason, our instructors are chosen based on their qualifications, communication skills, patience, and love for children. Our structured training program ensures that each student receives the finest hands-on instruction available. Regardless of their age or skill level, students will discover that continuous interaction with our warm and caring instructors develops trust and stability both in and out of the water. We are pleased to give our swimmers a qualified team of experienced, mature professionals who are devoted to making a positive impact on their students.

Addison Addison
Addison is currently attending Mira Costa College to complete his General Education. Addison worked for over a year at the Boys and Girls Club where he assisted with classroom activities. In addition, he held a position at LEGOLAND where he interacted with children of varying ages. During his free time, he likes to swim for exercise on a regular basis. His favorite aspect about teaching swimming lessons is being able to interact and make personal connections with his students. Addison’s motto in life is to experience new things and explore the world as much as he can.

Aidan Aidan
Aidan is currently attending Brigham Young University to major in Business. During his free time, he enjoys surfing, golfing, and music. Aidan began to swim competitively during middle school and later went on to join the surf team in high school. His favorite aspect about teaching swimming lessons is seeing his student' progress each time they meet. Prior to Waterworks Aquatics, he interacted with children of varying ages working at Legoland Waterpark. He also has experience teaching children how to surf. One interesting fact about Aidan is that he likes turtles.

Alex Alex
Alex is currently attending Mira Costa College to study Kinesiology. He has worked at Waterworks as a lifeguard for over a year and a half. On his days off you may find him surfing, swimming, working out, or playing with his dog, Coco. Alex was born and raised in Carlsbad and was involved in swim team and water polo throughout high school. He has surfed for over 8 years and has traveled throughout San Diego, Oceanside, and Mexico. Alex also lived in Ecuador for a year and is bilingual! He is excited to teach his students how to be comfortable in the water and have a fun time!

Alex Alex B.
Alex has been involved in swimming his entire life and swam competitively in high school. His passion for teaching is watching his children grow in a skill that is so important in life. Alex has worked with children through his past experience as a Lifeguard at Legoland, as well as his through his family of young cousins and nephews. On his spare time, Alex enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, spending time with friends, and going to the beach. An interesting fact about Alex is that his name is spelt "Alexzander."

Amber Amber
Amber is very athletic and spent 1 year on her high school Swim Team. In addition to swimming and diving she also played soccer, volleyball and lacrosse. She has tutored children ranging from ages 10 through 17. Amber also has over 100 hours of volunteer experience at a therapeutic ranch for disabled children and is fluent in sign language. She is currently attending Mira Costa College studying psychology and veterinary sciences. Her favorite thing about teaching swim lessons is making a difference and helping kids and adults of all ages.

Additional Specialties: Special Needs

Blake Blake
Blake is majoring in Kinesiology at Palomar Community College. During his free time he enjoys playing baseball, football, and MMA. He has 9 years of competitive swim team experience. His favorite aspect about teaching swimming lessons is being able to work with students of different ages and personalities. Before joining Waterworks Aquatics, Blake volunteered at North Coast Church for 3 consecutive years, working with junior high school students. One interesting fact about Blake is that he has played baseball for 16 years.

Brittany Brittany
Brittany graduated from Cal State San Marcos in Visual and Performing Arts. During her free time, she enjoys painting, photography and hanging out with her cat, Mr. Binx. Before joining Waterworks Aquatics, Brittany worked as a Lifeguard Supervisor and also taught swimming lessons at The Wave Waterpark. Her favorite aspect about teaching swimming lessons is seeing her students' smiling faces when they accomplish a new skill. Brittany has an extensive background working with children of all ages. In 2008, she created all summer camps at The Wave Waterpark. She also has 4 years experience working at a daycare center and teaches are to over 200 student at MLK Middle School. One interesting fact about Brittany is that she designed and painted a 60ft mural at Cal State San Marcos.

Caitlin Caitlin
Valley Center
Caitlin comes to Waterworks with experience teaching children how to surf as well as teaching English in Uganda. She has a passion for seeing children improve upon their swimming skills. Caitlin swims competitive triathlons and enjoys surfing, climbing, and traveling. She has backpacked across Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda. Caitlin is currently attending Cal State San Marcos with a focus on Bio-Chem.

Caz Caz
Caz is currently studying Fire Science at Palomar College to eventually become a paramedic or fire fighter. In the past Caz has regularly babysat for neighbors and family members and loves to work with children and see them grow. He has been surfing and swimming in the ocean since he was six and even participated on his high school surf team. With course work towards his EMT and as a Certified First Responder, Caz has found a passion for helping people. In his spare time Caz continues to surf, swim and bike.

Chris Chris
Chris is currently studying business management at Palomar College and has been a competitive swimmer for the last 5 years. During his youth he participated in the Oceanside Jr. Lifeguard Program and worked his way up the rank of Assistant Lifeguard. Throughout high school he was also a member of both the swim and water polo teams. He loves helping kids become strong swimmers early in life because it gives them confidence and the background to eventually learn to surf and be safer in the ocean. Chris's hobbies include skateboarding, snowboarding, and bodysurfing.

Additional Specialties: Special Needs

Christina Christina
Huntington Beach
Christina is studying Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine at Palomar College with additional course work in Early Childhood Development. She comes from a large family of younger brothers and loves to teach swimming because of the difference that she makes in a child's life. In the past she was a regular volunteer for the R.E.I.N.S Therapeutic Horsemanship Program in Fallbrook where she helped those with special needs build self-confidence and experience emotional growth. In her spare time, Christina practices Yoga, reads, and designs crafts.

Coco Coco
Coco is currently attending Kaplan College to become a Healthcare Rehabilitation Therapy Technician. Her love for swimming came at the early age of 5 after learning how to swim. She is the oldest of 12 nieces and nephews whom she helps babysit. Coco’s favorite aspect about teaching swimming lessons is being able to help her students become great swimmers and being able to teach them a lifelong skill. One interesting fact about Coco is that she can make her toes touch her head.

Crystal Crystal
Tobique First Nation, New Brunswick, Canada
Crystal is studying to become a Nurse at Mira Costa Community College. She discovered her love for swimming at an early age after taking swimming lessons in elementary school. Crystal has an extensive background with children of varying ages. She previously worked at Tobique Youth Center working with children ages 6-12. She also volunteered at her local daycare center and is mother of an 8 year old child. During her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, exercising, and photography. Her favorite aspect about teaching swimming lessons is being able to make a difference in her student’s lives by teaching them a lifelong skill. One interesting fact about Crystal is that she is a UFC fanatic.

Holly Holly
Holly is currently attending Mira Costa College majoring in Speech Therapy. She has been swimming since the age of two and swam for the Oceanside Swim Club. During the summer she spends all her free time in her backyard pool. Holly loves teaching children how to swim because it is a lifelong skill that children will enjoy forever. She has previous experience working and observing children with special needs in her mom’s classroom. She has also had the opportunity to coach for the Girls on the Run organization. During her free time, Holly likes to spend time outdoors, snowboarding, and hanging out with friends. One interesting fact about her is that she is a certified SCUBA diver.

Jarisa Jarisa
Jarisa is interested in eventually pursuing a career in the Cosmetology field at the Bellus Academy. She loves working with children and has 6 siblings, 2 brother and 4 sisters. She developed a love for swimming after taking lessons as a child. She has an extensive background working with children as a volunteer at her church for the past 5 years and as a camp counselor during the summer months. In her spare time she loves to cook and bake all types of food.

Jessica Jessica
San Diego
Jessica comes to Waterworks with over 5 years of experience in a child care setting where she worked with infants, toddlers, and school aged children. She is student at Miramar College and is currently studying general education. In the past she was on a swim team through the Boys and Girls club. Her favorite part about teaching swim lessons is knowing that she gets to help someone learn a skill that is both important and fun. In her spare time Jessica loves to dance, listen to music, and swim.

Joanna Joanna
Joanna began swimming lessons when she was young which led her to swim competitively and play water polo in high school! Upon graduation, she continued to play water polo at Palomar College. When it comes to teaching swim lessons, Joanna loves the interaction with students and the bonds that are built. She has volunteered at her mother's day care throughout high school and later began coaching high school water polo. Joanna was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and moved to Encinitas as a child. She enjoys expressing herself through tattoo artwork!

Josh Josh
Josh sis studying Business and Hotel Management at Palomar Community College. He has 3 years experience working with children of varying ages. He teaches 7-8th grade students at his local church and has been a camp counselor at the YMCA for the past 2 years. Josh also babysits his younger brother and helps him with his school work. His love for swimming came after taking swimming lessons at the YMCA and later went on to join the swim team in high school Josh's favorite aspect about teaching swimming lessons is being able to do what he loves to do the most--TEACH!

Joshua Joshua
Joshua has always had a love for the water. He learned how to water ski at the early age of 4. Joshua joins Waterworks Aquatics with 2 years of experience as a lifeguard. He also worked 2 years in the “Kids Care” program for Carlsbad’s elementary schools and interacted with kids of varying ages working at Legoland. During his free time, Joshua enjoys working on motorcycles and cars and going to the gym. His favorite aspect about teaching swimming lessons is building relationships with his students and watching them grow as swimmers. One interesting fact about Joshua is that he loves to single ski and learned how to by the time he was 6 years old.

Lindsay Lindsay
Lindsay is attending Mira Costa Community College to major in Sociology. She joins Waterworks Aquatics with previous experience as a swimming instructor at the Joe & Mary Mottino Family YMCA, teaching children and adults of all ages how to swim. Lindsay also babysits children ages 8-12 part time. In high school, she played competitive water polo and joined swim team for 3 years in a row! Her favorite aspect about teaching swimming lessons is being able to teach her students new things each time they meet. One interesting fact about Lindsay is that she likes to run 5k marathons.

Lyndie Lyndie
Lyndie joins Waterworks Aquatics with 2 years' experience teaching swim lessons at a local waterpark. In high school, she played waterpolo and was on the swim team for 2 years as well. In her free time, you will find her surfing, swimming or shopping. Lyndie loves teaching and one of her favorite things is when her students' learn something new and how excited they become!

Michael Michael
Michael comes to Waterworks with a history of competitive swimming experience. Throughout high school, he played water polo for 4 years and swam for 3. Michael has worked at Legoland for years and currently is an Assistant Scoutmaster. His favorite thing about teaching swim lessons is that he can combine his passion for working with children, with his passion for swimming. Michael enjoys reading comic books and following sports. He is currently attending Mira Costa College with a focus on History.

Mikey Mikey
Mikey is studying Psychology at Palomar College and in the past has helped teach children who he babysat regularly how to surf and body board. In high school he participated in both the Water Polo and Swim Teams and he has been surfing for over 16 years. He loves teaching at Waterworks because he is able to surround himself with people who share a passion of helping children learn to swim and love the water. In his spare time Mikey spends time with his family and friends at the beach or in the mountains.

Paige Paige
Paige is attending California State University, San Marcos to major in Special Education. She started swimming at 2 years old and was part of a local swim team for 15 years. Paige also swam for her high school's varsity swim team for 4 consecutive years. She has been teaching swimming lessons since she was 215years old and has been babysitting for family and friends since the age of 12. Her favorite aspect about teaching swimming lessons is being able to teach her students a lifelong skill. Her favorite hobbies are swimming, going to the beach, and hanging out with family and friends. One interesting fact about Paige is that she loves to cook!

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
PJ's favorite hobbies are surfing, scuba diving, and playing music. PJ swam competitively in high school after joining the swim team. He joins Waterworks Aquatics with experience teaching surfing lessons and interacting with children of varying ages as a summer camp volunteer. One interesting fact about PJ is that he used to be a farmer.

Tate Tate
Tate is currently attending Mira Costa College to receive his AA with the hopes of transferring to an X-Ray Technician school. He has been a swimmer since the age of 2 and began surfing when he was 5. To this day, Tate still enjoys surfing as well as snowboarding. He comes to Waterworks with 3 years of experience working in his church's child ministry. While the parents attended their church services, Tate would supervise the children letting them have fun while still remaining safe. He has developed a passion for watching children grow and excel in the forms of swimming and water safety.

Valerie Valerie
Valerie is studying Biology at Mira Costa Community College. Before joining Waterworks Aquatics, Valerie volunteered as a mentor and tutor for children at a local preschool. During her free time, she enjoys swimming, sculpting, and cooking. Valerie has an extensive swimming background. She played competitive water polo and joined swim team during her years in high school. Her favorite aspect about teaching swimming lessons is being able to work with her students in making them great swimmers. One interesting fact about Valerie is that she has a freckle on her left eye.