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Frequently Asked Questions - Private Parties

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How much do your parties cost?
2 hour party $395
2.5 hour party $455
3 hour party $515
Do we have invitations?
Unfortunately at this time we do not offer invitations.
How many children are included with the price?
Each party includes up to 15 children. For every 5 children over 15 it is an additional $50.
What party package is most common?
It depends on the age of the children. For children who are 6 years and older we recommend a 2 1/2 or 3 hour party.
Can I add more time?
Each additional half hour of pool time is an extra $60.00
What time do parties start?
Generally, our parties start after the last lesson of the day has finished. This ensures the entire pool of your choice can be reserved for your guests only. On Fridays, parties can be booked for 8PM at the earliest. Parties on Saturday can be scheduled for a 5PM start time. Parties booked for Sundays can be scheduled for a 4PM start time.
How much time do the children get in the water? What toys do you provide?
The children typically spend most of the time in the water; we will reserve half an hour of your party time for cake, food, and presents. The time breakdown of your party can be tailored to how you would like it. Our lifeguards will organize games as well has play with the children during the free play time. We will provide inflatable toys to play in the pool as well as rafts and noodles.
Can I come in early to decorate?
The setup time will vary. Unfortunately Waterworks does not provide any party decorations, but you are more than welcome to bring in your own.
Can I bring in my own food?
You can bring in any food of your choice at no additional charge. We will provide you with a list of restaurants our clients have used in the past. We do not allow any glass in the facility.
Do you provide tables and chairs?
We will always provide you with one table for food and at least two tables for the children. If the party size requires more tables we will provide them for you.
Is a particular date available?
For specific information on available days and times please contact our front desk or email our birthday party coordinators.