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Adult Lessons Testimonials

“At the age of 57, I decided that it was time to take swimming lessions. I have been taking water aerobics classes here, but was afraid to be in the deep end of the pool or put my face in the water. Now, after 6 lessions, I can swim with my face in the water, roll over to a floating position and exercise in the deep end of the pool. My instructor understood my fears and her knowledge, dedication and commitment to me proved that learning is possible with the right teacher. The facility prides itself on having a clean environment with showers, changing rooms,lounge chairs in both their indoor and outdoor areas. Waterworks Aquatics is the perfect place to learn, swim, exercise and have fun doing it. ”
Trina R.

“As an adult I decided to learn how to swim to prepare for a sprint triathlon. I was recovering from brain surgery and was also working full time so my options were limited. The staff and instructors adapted to my circumstance and schedule. I was embarrassed being over 40 years old and swimming with kids while adults watched me, but I quickly gained confidence due to the patience and encouragement of my instructor. Everyone told me I could swim and sure enough through my lessons at Waterworks I learned to swim quickly and without fear.”
Annie Ayerst